Meet the Cotswold Spaniels

Woody and Wilma are fun-loving active pups living the good life in the Costwolds. They have been with their staff since they were both 8 weeks old, and you can follow their adventures on Twitter via @mw_photography_ and @cotswoldspaniel, and also on Instagram and Facebook. This is their story…


Woody is Working Cocker Spaniel, and is 5 years old. He’s got all the wonderful trademark character of a Working Cocker – active, excited and with enormous stamina. He’s just obsessed with balls too. If he doesn’t have one of his own he’ll steal someone else’s in the park and run laps around you laughing, whilst you try and get him back.

And his staff tell us that Woody isn’t shy about showing his excitement on the highest stage…

“Competing at the team agility finals at Crufts two years in a row, he squealed all the way round the ring with excitement and the commentator was saying how loud he was.  It made me so proud of my crazy spaniel”


Wilma’s adventures are only just getting started, as she’s still a young girl at a year old. But this cheeky and cheerful Cockapoo is already quite the character.

“Something I’ll always remember was doing some agility training in the garden with Woody. Wilma desperately wanted to join in and was up scratching at the back door. Little did I know that she had knocked the key in the wrong direction, locking her inside and Woody and I in the garden. The spare back door key wouldn’t even open it as the key was still in the otherside!”

Although there are some considerable differences between the Working Cocker and the Cockapoo, at their heart they share a lot in common. They are affectionate, friendly and very intelligent. For Woody & Wilma this reveals itself every evening at 9pm on the dot. They come to find you together, and then persistently tap you on the leg. This means they want a chew, as you pick up the packet they shoot off to the rug and lie down. Now that’s just lovely isn’t it!

Another thing they have in common, is that they’re both easily pleased. The pair are very fortunate to be surrounded by beautiful Cotswold countryside and they enjoy nothing better than running round the fields chasing toys…. although Wilma is the only one who will bring it back!

Now don’t be fooled by her cute looks, because Wilma is a very destructive puppy, wilfully trying to destroy any toys if you let her. Woody doesn’t know his own strength and can chew through most tough toys, so both rate very highly on the Chew & Chase tough test scale.

Among their favourite toys are the Orbee-Tuff Ringo and Orbee-Tuff Sport.

And it’s not just the dogs that enjoy them – their staff tell us:

“For me – the responsible human who wants to check that they’re safe – I like that they’re tough and safe for them to chew. Sometimes you can turn your back for a second and they’ve a mouth full of rubber they’re about to eat so I feel relaxed about leaving them to play. Being bright colours they’re easy to find amongst the grass as well as being handy to wash the mud off

If they’re lucky, they’re allowed to bring these toys in the house to play with, because they don’t retain the mud like tennis balls and so don’t make a mess on the carpet”

“I know a lot of owners with destructive dogs that struggle finding dog products that last so it would be perfect for them!”

The toys often travel with Woody & Wilma in their staff’s pocket so after photoshoots they get a rewarding game of fetch. Their dog blog can be found at and you can see their staff fantastic photography online at and on Facebook


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