Meet Charley: the loveable lab with selective hearing and a passion for puddles

Charley (properly known as Midnight Curlew) is a Black Lab living in the North West, with her staff Julie.


Charley, who is a mere 11 years 4 months young, is a loveable and huggable girl who originally belonged to a family friend. Charley would stay occasionally with Julie rather than going into kennels when her owners were on holiday. The pair got on like a house on fire, and little did they know at that time that they would become best friends.

When a new little human was going to arrive in Charley’s home about eight and half years ago, her family made the tough decision that they couldn’t give her the time and attention she needed. Two weeks later she arrived at Julie’s front door with all her belongings, and they’ve been together ever since. Charley has really thrived with Julie, and when her nieces and nephews bring their own children, Charley looks after them and plays with them all. She particularly loves following the youngest ones around hoovering up any stray food crumbs as they go!

charley 2

Now we think you’ll agree that Charley is just the sweetest. But she’s not shy of a little trouble either… Julie recounts “we had gone out walking through the woods and parkland near where we live, being brave and letting her off her lead for the first time she ran off; panic set in and we were running after her but she disappeared, we spent ages looking for her and eventually gave up and headed home not knowing what to do or where to look for her as the area was new to her she could have gone in any direction. As we approached home who was sat at the garden gate looking proud of herself and looking at us as if to say ‘where have you been?’

The relief was immense, lesson learned and she didn’t get off her lead for a few weeks until she learnt to come back on call”.

charley 3But Charley redeems herself from mischief by being just so loving. She developed a very special bond with Tinks the cat, who was adopted by Julie after being abandoned. Charley welcomed Tinks in with open paws, even letting her new feline friend sleep on her brand new comfy bed (Charley slept on the carpet). Other cats that stray in to the garden however are not so welcome, and are chased off without a thought.

Being out on walks is Charley’s favourite way to spend a day. Her passions include rolling in muddy puddles (for which she has developed an impressive radar), but she knows she then needs to go down to the river, to wash it all off. But formal washes are something of a different nature entirely for Charley – she absolutely hates having a bath! She also loves sleeping, and snoring very loudly, and suffers from selective hearing on occasions…

charley 4

But her favourite pastime is probably when Julie is baking or cooking… as she gets to lick this dish clean! When it comes to food, Charley is a snaffler (she is a lab afterall) and Billy + Margot Fish Skins are a particular favourite of hers, although the Venison bites come a close second.


CharleyHer favourite toy is the Chewies stick, and carries it everywhere squeaking it all the time. Julie tells us that “She loves it as it’s easy to carry, textured and squeaks – she loves anything that squeaks and usually chews until she gets the squeak out but she can’t damage this one so it keeps her entertained”.

“It’s always with her, she even takes it in to the back garden when she nips out for a wee, she puts it down does her thing and then picks it back up and comes back in and carries on playing with it”.

Charley also has a few other toys including the Orbee Tuff Nook, Kong Squeezz Ball & the Chuckit Erratic Ball, and has tried our grooming products (despite the lack of love for a bath). Julie says “Your service is quick, efficient and the parcels are well packed so no damages occur. Your 3 main Staff members are very well looked after and they supervise very well and the product testing is second to none!”.

You can follow Julie and Charley via @jdowd612.

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